Weight loss: Diet plan for balancing blood sugar with protein | Diets | Life & Style

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Date: February 22, 2018
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Weight loss: Diet plan for balancing blood sugar with protein | Diets | Life & Style

Weight loss can be achieved through following a protein rich diet plan that balances your blood sugar, according to nutritionist Pippa Campbell.

The low sugar diet means you have less excess sugar – or glucose – in your blood.

In turn, this means you product less insulin – a hormone which encourages your body to convert sugars into fat.

She has devised the Metabolic Balance diet plan, a three month programme which aims to boost your metabolism and balance your hormones.

“When you eat certain types of foods, your body must release more insulin,” she explained.

“High levels trigger your body to store excess glucose as fat rather than remove it through your urine.”

Therefore, if you can lower your insulin levels, your body will store less excess fat.

Pippa’s diet plan is based around protein, and eating it will help you to shift the pounds.

An average breakfast is porridge made from 30g of oats mixed with 190ml of milk or soya milk.

Alternatively, you can have 85g of vegetables mixed with 70g of pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Lunch is simply 125g of chicken with 135g of vegetables, or two eggs with the same amount of vegetables.

Dinner, meanwhile, is 135g of fish – such as salmon, cod or haddock – with a further 14g of vegetables.

The vegetarian option is the same amount of vegetables eaten with 150g of pulses, such as lentils or beans.

The diet also includes a well known diet staple: apple cider vinegar, said to digest protein and boost the metabolism.

Another useful diet to shed a stone in six weeks was recently revealed on Express.co.uk.

The keto diet is said to help you slim down, through cutting back on certain types of food.

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