Reasons, Remedies And Treatments For Heartburns

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Heartburn is a medical malady which is evident in the form of an unpleasant burning sensation under the sternum and breastbone.

Contrary to its name, this condition is associated to the upper part of the digestive system rather than to the heart.

To understand the copious aspects of this ordeal medical condition, one needs a reliable source.

Inside this ebook you will learn:

  • What are the reasons for heartburns?
  • Types of heartburns
  • Ways to alleviate heartburns
  • Dealing with persistent heartburns
  • Natural treatments for heartburns
  • Some effective home remedies for heartburns
  • How to deal with heartburns during pregnancy?
  • Connection between heartburns and arthritis
  • Heartburns - should be taken seriously or not?
  • Right diet to alleviate heartburns

After reading it you would have a lucid idea of what heartburns are all about.