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APOCALYPTICA is a (you guessed it!) post-apocalyptic short film about a cynical SCAVENGER (Mike Allen) who finds a girl (Monae Webb) who has been locked in a fallout shelter since the war went atomic. Despite Scavenger's insistence that her quest is impossible, the girl is hellbent on finding her would-be revolutionary brother (David J. Cork) in the ruins of the Empire State. Can they make their way through axe-wielding maniacs, musical traps, and painful starvation to complete her impossible task? Or does the Scavenger have ulterior motives for helping the girl? Find out, in the first episode of... APOCALYPTICA.

Welcome to the end of the world.


Originally made as a final project at NYC's School of Visual Arts, APOCALYPTICA has since become a pilot for a PA series, SCAVENGER, currently set to go into production in the Summer of 2011. If this is the kind of thing you'd want to see, subscribe! Friend! Whatever!

For more, head on over to roughcutstudios.com