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28 years ago a father was murdered in cold blood, infront of the women whom was to have his baby. Now Danny Dekins (Ross Gill), the son to a murdered father, has spent his whole life to find his father's killer. Having built a time machine, Danny looks to find his fathers murderer. What he finds is that life is a continuos, vicious cycle of unchangeable events. Continuum.

Premiered at Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2011.

Written, Edited & Directed by Alex Kilauano. Produced by William Conlin. Orignal Score by Jared Wright. Cinematography by John Yznaga. Costume & Make Up by Caeleigh St. Denis.

A Friend Production (2011)

Danny Deakins (Ross Gill), Daniel Deakins (Sean Jenkins), Emily Deakins (Erika Leachman).