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After putting a witch to death, a righteous witch hunter finds himself haunted by a spectral curse in this award-winning horror tale. A small community lives in fear of the satanic evil that festers within the dark forests that surround their small village. One night, a love-struck villager ventures into the oppressive woods in search of forbidden magic and ancient rites. To aid them, the townsfolk enlist the aid of William Thatcher Blake, a witch hunter whose arrival stirs a cauldron of terror that threatens to engulf them all in a bloody pit of horror!

"...an enjoyably unforced throwback to circa 1960's period horror...a wonderful short piece of creepy cinema" - (re)Search My Trash.com

"There are scenes that genuinely sent chills down my spine." - Ain't It Cool News Horror

"The acting, the atmosphere, the adherence to Hammer-like sensibilities makes this the most enjoyably evil short I've seen in years." - Fister Roboto / Left Hand Horror

"...a really scary witch film is pretty rare... Someone got a witch film really, really right." - Super Duper Shock Cinema

"...a very slick production that delivers a lot of chills and creepy moments" - AnythingHorror.com

"...a wonderful gem of a short film... Once the film starts, it never relents until the gripping finale." - KillerReviews.com

"Witchfinder is a great, ambitious and creepy short film." - Independent Flicks

"This short movie is an excellent atmospheric bit of film making." - The Horror Hothouse

Starring Dave Juehring, Valerie Meachum, Travis Worthey, Nicole Kilmer and Chloe Koneiczki. Music by Brandon Lutmer and Mark Gustafson. Director of Photography: Brent Jepsen. Edited by Colin Clarke. Production Designed by Arianne Clarke. Costumes Designed by Alisha Tyler. Produced by Colin Clarke, Brent Jepsen and Arianne Clarke. Written and Directed by Colin Clarke.

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Copyright © Colin Clarke, Daredevil Films. 2013.